How do you get started building a marketing habit?

How do you get started building (or rebuilding) marketing habits? Better yet, what can you do to make those habits as easy as possible for future you to stick with?

Well, first, you need to pick a habit to work on. Maybe that’s doing some podcast outreach or creating a content beachhead to engage with your market where they already are (more on that inside Get More Leads

No matter which approaches you decide on, you want to end up with ~1-3 regular marketing activities that you’re engaging in and building up as a habit. Some will stick for the long-haul; others will fade away after a few months, giving you room for new habits.

Alright, that gives you the big picture focus. But what about implementation? How do you avoid (or overcome) the challenges that come up when you get started working on these marketing habits?

To dethorn that rose, you want to take a few minutes and write down some notes (and answer a few questions) about the marketing habits you’re attempting to build. Here are the questions I like thinking through:

  • What are you attempting to do?
  • What would a small success look like?
  • What resources will you need?
  • What challenges might you run into?
  • How much time do you need to set aside (and how often) to work on this habit?
  • What could go wrong (and what will you do to get back on track)?

Together, your answers to these questions start to give you a plan for building a marketing habit.

But how can you make those habits as easy as possible to build and stick with, even when the going gets tough (or the brain gets distracted)? More on that topic in tomorrow’s letter.



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