How do you get more referrals as a freelancer?

Not by knowing the right people…

Not by picking the right target market…

Not by having a killer website…

Not by having a great podcast…

Not by paying a bounty ($$$) to every person who sends you a referral…

Not by being funny/great/helpful on Twitter or social…

How do you do it?

You get more referrals by making it easy for people to send you referrals.

(Directive #12: People are lazy. Forget this at your peril.)

If it’s hard to send you a referral, how many referrals do you expect to get?

But if you make it easy to send you referrals, then the magic starts to happen. If you educate people in your network – friends, colleagues, countrymen – about:

  • What you do
  • Who you help
  • The problems you solve
  • How to connect someone in need of your services with you

That makes it easy for people to send you referrals. They’ll know who you best work with and how to connect people with you. With that in place, you’ll start to see your referrals increase.


Because once people know who to send your way, they’ll more easily be able to know who to introduce you to. They won’t have to do the work and think about, ‘hmm, who might be a good fit.’ Instead, you’ll have made it easy for them to think of who to connect you with.

If you want to learn the steps to take to make it easy for people to send you referrals (and the elements that go into building a system for getting referrals for your business), then you should check out Referral Systems ( Referral Systems is a short video course (with loads of audio Q&A recordings and PDF resources) to help you do one thing well: get more referrals.

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