How do you build a simple one-pager site for your business?

As an indie consultant, there are a lot of points in business when you need a quick + simple + professional website. Three common ones:

  • You need a personal homepage
  • You have a new service offering you’re testing
  • You’re exploring a new market and testing new positioning

No matter what the unique trigger is, the need is universal: you want to throw up something simple that you can direct people to.

You could set up a Jamstack or deploy a site through GitHub or with an S3 bucket… but what if you’re searching for a simple, quick, no-code solution?

Can I tell you about Carrd?

Carrd: build one-page sites for pretty much anything has the answer to your need for a simple, professional, quick single page site. You can use Carrd’s free plan and dozens of templates to get your website up and running.

Need a pro feature like an email signup form, Stripe payment widget, or Google Analytics? You’ll find what you need with Carrd’s pro features (and at $19 per year for a pro-Carrd account, that’s an incredible deal).

So, dear reader, go forth and create that one-page site. Test your service offering, explore that market, or get that new personal homepage up and running.