“How can I best qualify leads for my services?”

This question is one of these that gets bigger the deeper we go. Onward!

The surface answer

Make a list of 3-5+ qualifying questions that you ask every lead. This way, you’re making sure that each lead that comes in gets asked these essential questions. The Initial Call Script (https://kaidavis.com/products/initial-call-script/) can help you get started here.

The slightly deeper answer

How to best qualify your leads? Use a combination of:

  • A lead form that lets you ask your leads a few initial questions to see if they’re a fit (or, not a fit).
  • An initial call where you talk with your lead about their current situation and how you can help.
  • An initial call script is a reference document that lists the questions you want to ask leads to find out more and qualify them.

Each of these works well on their own, but when you use them _together, you get the best results for qualifying your leads.

See, your lead form lets you gather initial information (e.g., “How can I help?”). On your initial call, you can follow-up with questions specific to your lead’s current situation. With an initial call script, you have a document to reference to make sure that you’re asking the right qualifying questions.

You can have a peek at my lead form for 1-on-1 coaching right here: https://kaidavis.com/services/coaching/#apply.

And you can snag Quick Start Lead Forms (kaidavis.com/products/lead-forms/) to get better at creating lead forms for prospects and leads to fill out.

The in-depth answer

The best way to qualify leads for your services is…. through your marketing. If you want better leads, more leads, or more qualified leads, you want to work on your marketing.

You need to make your marketing as specific to and resonant with your target market as possible. The more specific your marketing is, the easier it is to attract the right, qualified leads.

Here’s how these all tie together:

  • Your positioning specifies who you best work with
  • Your specialization says what services you offer
  • Your marketing activities (e.g., content creation, podcast tours, hosting events, email outreach) help you reach people in your audience, tell them how you can help, and explain how they can get in touch with you
  • Your website copy outlines your services, who your ideal clients are, and how you can help
  • Your lead form asks specific questions to see if an individual lead is (or is not) a good fit for your services
  • Your initial call lets you further qualify your lead by asking follow-up questions to confirm if they’re a good fit and if their problem is one you can help with

Big picture, if you want more, better-qualified leads, work on making your marketing more specific.

The natural place to get started is with you lead form (kaidavis.com/products/lead-forms/) and your initial call script (https://kaidavis.com/products/initial-call-script/). Working on those two often has an early impact on helping you better screen and qualify your leads. After that, you can get working on optimizing your positioning, specialization, and marketing activities.



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