Grit and Stick-with-it-ness

Let’s recap:

  1. You need leads. To get leads, you need marketing. To market consistently, you need habits around your marketing.
  2. The best way to build a habit is to have a documented repeatable process you can follow.
  3. An SOP is a great container for your process. It’s a living document you can read, execute, and update over time.

To succeed with your habit, you gotta have all the parts in place. Let’s set an example goal and talk about how to make a habit:

  • Your Goal: have a hot content summer
  • Your Process: publish and promote one Twitter thread and one email each week for July and August
  • Your SOP: how you’ll research, plan, write, and promote your content each week this summer

How do you make a habit and achieve your goal? You put in the time and do the work. Follow your SOP. Make the content. Publish and promote it. Repeat.

Don’t break the chain. Put in the time, don’t worry about the results. Focus on what’s under your control (doing the thing). Don’t worry about what’s out of your control (results depending on someone else).

  • Publish one thread/week, don’t worry about getting followers
  • Write 250 words/day, don’t worry about getting subscribers
  • Pitch 1 podcast/day, don’t worry about getting onto podcasts

And as with any habit, remember to be kind to yourself. Somedays, all you can do is show up and do the bare minimum (e.g., putting on your running shoes and then taking them off, walking into the gym and then turning around and driving home).

Those days still count. The streak is unbroken. On to the next day.

In other news, Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. About damn time.

Let me wish you an early ‘Happy Juneteenth Day.’



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