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Getting rid of that pain in your neck

Not a pain in the neck client (though if you have that pain, you should most likely fire that client).

I’m talking about a literal pain in your neck.

A few months ago, a friend (and fellow Indie Consultant) mentioned that their back, neck, and shoulders started to ache.

They had been pulling late nights working on a large project, and their posture while working at their computer had degraded into that uncomfortable hunched back and leaned forward head.

I shared a slightly unorthodox recommendation with my friend: get thee to a physical therapist!

For most of my life, I assumed that physical therapists were there to help you recover from the more substantial injuries in life (e.g., car accident, slip and fall, muscle tear).

Turns out, they also help their clients improve movement and posture as well as manage pain.

If you’re feeling more and more aches from working on your computer (at a desk or on the sofa) or craning your neck down to use your phone, a physical therapist can help. They can recommend posture tips for your unique situation and specific exercise routines to follow to fix up your posture and unwind the tangled mess of knots in your neck, back, and shoulders.

The other resource that I strongly recommend you explore is yoga. My yoga habit changed for the better and become consistent once I discovered Glo (https://glo.com). Glo’s extensive online library of yoga classes and Yin/restorative yoga1 makes it super easy to practice. During my workday, I’ll often go to my living room and do a ~10-15 minute Yin session to unwind my back.

Yoga (especially Yin/restorative yoga) can provide a lot of relief for your back/neck/shoulders if you’ve had bad posture while working at your computer.

And, dear reader, if you see a Physical Therapist or start Yoga and realize that you have two pains in your neck (one from bad posture at your computer and one from a hard to work with client), I recommend you let that client go to make space for the new, better, higher-paying clients in your future.



  1. Restorative yoga helps an unhealthy body, or an injured body, restore itself to normal, back to healthy, back to uninjured. While Restorative yoga focuses on restoring bodies with particular ailments, Yin yoga works deep into the connective tissues to activate change at that deepest level. โ†ฉ

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