Get More Website Traffic: Record a Podcast Interview

We Want More Website Traffic

You’re a business owner who wants to get more website traffic. Naturally, you think of Search Engines, Social Media, Paid Advertising.

And all of those are great solutions.

If you’re willing to invest the time or money.

With Search Engines, it will take months, sometimes even more than 6, before your content is bringing you high quality traffic. You’re investing time.

With Social Media, it will take months to build up an active, engaged audience for your business. And then you have to think of the time you’ll spend managing that account. Or paying someone to manage that account.

With Paid Advertising, you’re paying for ever website visitor you get and it can takes months before a campaign breaks even — and once it does, the only thing stopping a competitor from outranking you is them spending more on their advertising budget. Could you keep up if that happened?

Get More Website Traffic By Recording a Podcast Interview

When you record a podcast interview, you’re presenting to an engaged, ready audience of listeners in your target market have build up a habit or routine of listening to the show. You’re presenting to people who want to hear what you have to say and are your dream buyers.

On top of that, you’re having a conversation with the host, talking about your areas of expertise or common problems that your product or service solves for your target market. You’re positioned as an expert and an authority to an audience of your dream buyers.

And even better? When you’re a podcast guest, you’re presenting to this audience for 15, 30, sometimes even up to 60 minutes — now compare this advertising and publicity (a marketing pitch to an audience of hundreds or thousands of listeners) to the price that podcast hosts charge for a single episode of sponsorship: $500, $1,500, even $5,000+ per episode. For a 90-second or 3-minute ad to market or sponsor a product, a service, or a book.

You? You’re a guest expert. An authority.

You’ll be getting — for free — more than five times the advertising and publicity that a paying advertiser could be spending $1,500 or more in order to promote their product or service to the listeners.

But you’ll be getting it for free. Because you’re a guest.

And at the end of the interview, when the hundreds or thousands of listeners have been spending 15, 30, or 60 or more minutes listening to you talk, you can tell them the best next step if they want to learn more about what you were talking about: visit your website.

And the most engaged, the most interested, the ‘best buyers’ in the audience? They will visit your website. If you have a free course or lead magnet that you’re promoting, they will give you their email addresses for it.

Get more website traffic by recording a podcast interview.

When you record a podcast interview, you get high quality traffic that are engaged and want to learn more from you.

What do you think? Reply and let me know.

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