Get more impact out of your client testimonials by turning them into mini-case studies

In the free guide I co-authored with Meg Cumby on “How to get POWERFUL client testimonials (without the awkwardness),” we include a chapter on the different forms a testimonial can take (

We call out six different approaches to consider for your social proof.

Today, I found a new one to add to the guide.

If you collect a long text testimonial (like example #3 here or Jakub’s success story from yesterday), you can create a neat mini-case study with some work.

  1. Take that long-form testimonial.
  2. Write up surrounding contextual details that help tell the story of the testimonial (i.e., triggering problem, client’s results, call-to-action)
  3. Publish all of that as a single page on your website

Here’s an example of this approach for a recent SEO + growth client over at my Double Your Ecommerce venture:

I love this approach because it’s a way to get more mileage from one testimonial. A testimonial doesn’t need to only live on a single service page and then be forgotten. You can use the content of the that testimonial in other pieces of content, like so.

Do you collect testimonials from your clients after a project? Tap reply and let me know.