What’s the best way to go from my first client to getting more?

A reader writes in with this excellent question:

What’s the best way to go from my first client (ghost-written content) to getting more?

An excellent question. Let’s think through how we’d get more clients.

First off, don’t overlook repeat projects with this existing client. Simply saying “It was wonderful to work on PROJECT with you. Do you need more help with PROBLEM or OUTCOME?” can get you a second project.

Simply showing up and saying “I’m available for another project. Would you like some more help?” can result in more work.

But the reader is asking how to get more clients so that they can build a business. Good. I like that.

So, let’s talk about how to get more clients.

The first strategy I’d reach for would be referrals.

Referrals can get you direct introductions to other potential customers in your market.

  • You can ask your first client who they’d like to see you work with next.
  • You can ask your first client if they have any colleagues who could also use ghost-written content

(Those are two of the referral systems described in the video training program “Referral Systems” available here for $77: https://kaidavis.com/pricing/referral-systems/)

You can also use referrals with your network.

Let’s say that you identify 20 people you know (LinkedIn Connections, friends, colleagues, etc.) at companies that use content in some capacity (articles, case studies, emails, etc.).

You reach out to these 20 people and

  1. You let them know that you’re looking for new clients who need ghost-written content
  2. You let them know you’re looking for referrals to other businesses that they may know of

You aren’t pitching yourself (though this type of referral outreach could very well generate an immediate client or two for you) you’re asking for a referral to a company or colleague in their network who could use your services.

Why is this important?

They get to look like a hero. If they know someone who needs ghost-written content and they show up with a referral, they look great.

Heck, I’ll do you one better. You could ask for referrals to companies that your colleagues know of who have had content ghost-written for them in the past. That way, you’re identifying companies who are potential candidates for your services in the future.

Someone who has purchased ghost-writing services in the past is likely to purchase ghost-writing services again in the future. Why not from you?

Whatever you do, I recommend following “The Rule of Twenty” in your referrals.

Start by identifying twenty people for your referral outreach. These could be friends, colleagues, industry associates, past clients, current clients, or companies you’ve identified.

Then, start your outreach to them.

Once you’ve finished your outreach, identify another twenty prospects to contact.

By keeping your outreach efforts small, you make it easier to sustain your outreach and avoid getting burnt out.

So, dear reader, in answer to your question:

What’s the best way to go from my first client (ghost-written content) to getting more?

  1. Let your first client know that you’re available for another project
  2. Ask your first client for referrals to other companies (or colleagues) they know of who need ghost-written content
  3. Identify twenty prospects who might be in need of ghost-written content, have purchased ghost-written content in the past, or know of companies who have purchased ghost-written content in the past. Contact them and ask for referrals.

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