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Galaxy Quest was of the best Star Trek movies of all time.

Galaxy Quest was one of the best Star Trek movies, hands down. It had a fun plot, it had great actors, and it didn’t take itself too seriously.

And it had one of the best catch phrases of all time.

“Never Give Up! Never Surrender!”


When you’re following up with a client or sending a follow-up email in an outreach campaign, you need to keep this in mind: Never give up, never surrender. If you don’t get a response to your first email, that doesn’t mean that people are saying “No” to your email. It means that they haven’t yet had a chance to reply to your email.

A lack of a response does not mean “no.”

I’m working on an outreach sequence for a new campaign: pitching me, as a guest, on podcasts (following the system I teach in http://podcastoutreach.com).

The follow-up sequence is 11 emails long.

I’m planning ahead, planning for rejection, planning for the person I’m emailing to not respond more than ten times to my messages. And in each case, I will have already written the follow-up email they will receive next.

Why do it this way?

Because you must be prepared to stand in the face of a lack of response, have a strong ego, and continue forward.

Because if you’re not willing to follow up this persistently, with this much consistency, could you really be that good as a guest? By following up persistently and politely, educating and informing, and offering value when you can, you take the podcast host from thinking “Who is this person?” to “I’ve got to have this person!”

Here’s what Reuven L. said about this approach to follow-up

Planning for them not to answer, and to continue to give them value, is brilliant

Kai, I just wanted to say: I think that I’ve done this outreach course before, but this message was 100% the right thing at the right time for me.

But *planning* for them not to answer, and to continue to give them value, is brilliant.

I have to think about this some more, but I love it.

Reuven L.

I teach this persistent, polite follow-up strategy in Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com), an actionable book on how you can use podcasts to get more clients.

  • You’ll learn how to identify the podcasts your target audience listens to
  • You’ll learn how to craft pitches that educate and inform and build intrigue
  • You’ll learn how to create an outreach and follow-up strategy that is both persistent and polite
  • You’ll learn how to add value in your your follow-up, not simply fall back to saying “Did you receive my previous email?”

Here are some screenshots of the follow-up emails that I’m drafting for my personal outreach campaign. Short and actionable, designed to elicit a response.


Podcast Outreach (http://podcastoutreach.com) is based on 3+ years of my experience booking guests on podcasts. Podcast Outreach features 13 interviews with podcast hosts and podcast guests about how to best use podcasts for promotion. Podcast Outreach also includes 32 best practice email templates that you can copy, paste, and start to use in your outreach and follow-up starting today.

Podcast Outreach will teach you how to get onto the podcasts your target market — your dream clients — listen. You’ll learn how to present yourself as an authority and expert and convert ‘listeners’ into ’email subscribers’ and ‘prospects’ for your business.

Podcast Outreach is what helped me build a six-figure pipeline as a consultant and you can learn how to use podcasts as a marketing channel too: http://podcastoutreach.com.


Have a great weekend.

— Kai

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