Freelancer Black Friday Deals

Freelance Business Bundle ($192 in savings!)

Get a collection of six must-read books for freelancers and consultants at a massive 65% ($192) discount.

  • The Positioning Manual, by Philip Morgan
  • Hourly Billing Is Nuts, by Jonathan Stark
  • Email Templates For Freelancers, by Kurt Elster
  • Outreach Blueprint, by Kai Davis
  • Freelance Growth Plan, by Kai Davis
  • The Independent Consulting Manual (with essays from Jonathan, Kai, Kurt, and Philip)

25% Discount on everything in Kai’s Store

Save 25% on everything listed in The Store ( Use the offer code FreelanceBlackFriday to save 25% on your purchase.

Dive into the store here:

Or jump straight to the product of your choice here:

  • “Get Paid” – How to accept one-time and recurring payments online for your services using MoonClerk (
  • “Referral Systems” – How to get referrals from colleagues, coworkers, and past clients using these different referral systems (
  • “Client Applications” – How to set up a client intake system so that prospects apply to work with you and answer your pre-selected questions along the way (
  • “Outreach Mastery” – How to set up an advanced outreach system, from how to prospect for leads to identifying the best email address for your prospects to setting up automated outreach software (

Use the discount coupon FreelanceBlackFriday and save 25% on any of the above.

The JFS Ultimate Brick Stacking Holiday Pack

Alex and Amy of Stacking The Bricks have an amazing bundle available for you this holiday season. They’re doing a bonkers “Just Fucking Ship” holiday bundle for $99. Over a dozen bonuses, including Sales Safari Live (I paid $99 for this by itself) and 3 free months of Sweep. Total estimated value? $367+.

I love the material that Amy and Alex put out. I highly recommend that you order one of the above bundles.


Scribbleton ( is offering a Black Friday sale (no coupon code needed) for their desktop personal wiki product for Mac, Windows, and Linux, which is used by a lot of freelancer writers and freelance developers.

Visit their site to claim the Black Friday discount:

Dependable: Deliver Software On Time and Within Budget ($19 off)

From Glenn Stovall, learn how to run software projects more profitably.

This book teaches you estimation, project management, and value-based pricing skills. Typical price for the complete edition is $39. Available for Black Friday for $20.

Project Estimation Guide ($8 off)

This brief guide from Glenn Stovall is actionable and focused on helping you make better, more accurate software estimates. The usual price is $15, available for Black Friday for $7.

Proposal Power-Up ($25 off)

A service provided by Glenn Stovall (and an excellent service offering, at that!). Send Glenn one of your proposals and he’ll send you a detailed, actionable guide on how you can improve it. This service has helped multiple agencies win their highest contracts ever. Usually priced at $99, you can get a Proposal Power-Up for $75.

Pulse CMS ($100 off)

Pulse is a CMS (content management system) aimed at freelancers and designers. Pick it up for $100 off this Black Friday:

Productize (30% off)

Megamaker Deals (36% – 65% off)

Justin Jackson has a bundle of deals put together for solopreneurs over here. Save 36% to 65%:

Christopher Hawkins Black Friday Deals

Chris is offering a discount on a range of his products for freelancers and consultants:

On Friday, you can get a 50% discount — but the discount drops each day. Here’s the code to use:

  • 50% off on Black Friday (offer code halfers)
  • 40% off on Saturday (offer code forty)
  • 30% off on Sunday (offer code thirty)
  • 20% off on Cyber Monday (offer code twenty)

Ilise Benun’s Black Friday Bundle for Creative Professionals

For $99 , you get quite a lot from Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor:

  • The Tiered Pricing Kit: How to Earn More on Every Project (62-page download with 3 excellent examples of proposals with tiered pricing in action).
  • The Case Study Bundle: 7 Steps to a Case Study that Closes he Deal (156-page download with 14 excellent examples of actual case studies)
  • 2018 Two-Step Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals: a simple, 2-page worksheet that will make sure you do the marketing tasks that get you the work you want (instead of working endlessly on your new web site and calling it “marketing” — you know who you are)

All together, this bundle will get you a savings of $178!

The Freelance Business Blueprint

Here is what course creator Peter Boyle shares about The Freelance Business Blueprint, a course on building a freelance writing career.

A step-by-step guide to creating a consistent, profitable freelance writing business.   Seriously, this shit covers everything from setting up your site and picking a profitable niche, to email templates, writing tips, and even advice on how not to put some away for the tax man when he comes a knocking.   It’s a one stop guide for anyone wanting to build or grow an online income through selling some fine sounding words.
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