Become a Follow-Up Fanatic

Send more follow-up emails. You’ll make more money.

Sending follow-up emails is the most critical skill you’ll learn in life and business.

How vital could your message be if you aren’t willing to follow-up?

Following-up on a conversation, project, or email is not rude. Follow-up is a polite, proactive action that demonstrates confidence, authority, and experience.

You’re following up on your message because you understand that your clients, leads, and contacts are busy people with a lot going on. You’re doing them a service by proactively, politely following-up.

If you have your leads, clients, and contacts best interests at heart, why wouldn’t you follow-up?

If someone contacted you and said

I’ve got this enormous problem, it costs me a ton money, and I need help!1

You’d be doing them a service by following-up with them even if they didn’t respond to your first, second, or third email.

After all, if you sent your doctor a message and said

Doc, I’m feeling sick…

And then your doctor’s office called you back, you missed their call, and then they followed-up and called again, would you feel happy or annoyed?

You’d most likely feel happy. Your doctor’s follow-up is a signal that you aren’t just another name, number, or face.

You’re someone who is under their care.

Share that same level of concern for your clients and their businesses. Follow-up more often.

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  1. Directly or indirectly, this is what most of your leads are saying/thinking/feeling when they get in touch with you.