Five ways to attract more + better clients

Over in a Slack I frequent, someone asked how to grow their business and attract better clients.

They run an SEO agency and were debating if they should acquire some assets (e.g., flip some sites, start an affiliate site, launch a SaaS) or work on improving their sales and marketing to get more, better, higher-paying clients.

I’m a fan of improving + fixing what’s working. Especially if you already have a service business, you can optimize to focus on your ideal clients as a starting point.

Here are the ways I shared with them that they could get started:

If your goal is ‘increase revenue in the short-term’ more so than ‘get more leveraged/less client service revenue,’ I think you’re best off focusing on improving your sales and marketing:

  1. Map out your sales + marketing funnel and pick an underperforming area to optimize(e.g., traffic/lead sources, conversion rate through the sales process, conversion rate to a repeat project). Once you’ve optimized that part of your funnel, focus on the next part of the funnel. (And remember, if you double the performance of one part of your funnel, your ENTIRE funnel doubles in performance.)
  2. Refine your positioning and or specialization (plug for Philip Morgan’s to target your ideal/best buyer clients. If you want more/better clients, who are they? Identify + focus on that target market.
  3. Double down on an ‘expensive problem’ that an ideal client is facing that is close to the money (e.g., ‘if you just bought a site to flip and need expert help getting more traffic, revenue, and rankings…’). If you’re helping solve a more expensive problem, you can charge more.
  4. Review your marketing channels, start optimizing them. (e.g., are you doing outreach, email marketing to leads/audience/past clients, podcast tours to build authority and awareness, content creation, inbound through organic, inbound through referral) to increase lead flow. Take stock of what you’re doing — and think about what you’re not doing that you can start doing.
  5. Launch a productized service to make it easier for people to have an off the shelf ‘product’ they can buy _(a fixed price, fixed scope, fixed timeline, fixed deliverables service offering). I sell a ‘Website X-Ray’ audit/assessment/consulting report that works as a simple, off the shelf product + starting point for SEO-engagements).

By the way, if you’re looking for help on growing your business and attracting better clients, you should get in touch about working together 1-on-1. I have one slot available for a 1-on-1 coaching client, starting in November or December:



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