Double your leads with these three rules

If you do one small thing every day for the next 70 days to improve your marketing and lead generation, you’ll get more leads and close more projects. But to succeed, you have to accept three rules to guide your behavior and put in the work.

You might be familiar with the adage about the power of a 1% daily improvement:

If you can improve 1% each day, you double in ability roughly every 70 days.

I’ve found that if you take the same principle and focus it on your marketing and lead generation, you see the results within a few months. You get more leads and win more projects.

The trick? It’s in accepting three rules that nudge your behavior in this experiment.

First, you have to commit yourself to spend a little time each day for the next 70 days – even just five minutes – working on your marketing and lead generation days. Don’t let a day end where you haven’t done at least one small thing. You want to keep your streak unbroken. (And yes, fixing a typo or replying to an email at 11:59 pm counts to keep the streak alive.)

Second, you want to keep notes on where you see issues, problems, or opportunities and look at the patterns that reveal themselves over time. Then, fix the stuff that keeps coming up. I like asking myself a question in a daily or weekly journal to reflect on something like, “What’s one thing that’s annoying me about my lead generation” and write down what comes to mind from what I experienced that day. Then I can look at the answers weekly or monthly and see what patterns stand out.

Third, you have to accept the truth that 80% of your improvements won’t move the needle. The other 20% will have an outsized impact on the results from your marketing and lead generation. (From the outside, you can’t tell the difference between the 80% ideas and the 20% ideas.)

If you accept those constraints, then schedule a time to do the work. Set a recurring daily time on your calendar or in your to-do list to work on your marketing and lead generation.

Past that, start by surveying the area that is your lead generation. Look for fires, immediate problems, or quick wins and low-hanging fruit. Make a list, prioritize the high-impact items first, and get to work.

There’s an element of trusting your friend Kai in this. But what I can promise you from personal experience and working with my coaching clients ( is that you start to focus on small 1% improvements over time in your marketing and lead generation, you start to get more leads and win more projects.

All you have to do is do the work.

And if you want guidance on seven reusable systems you can implement to get more leads, I recommend my book Get More Leads (

You’ll get ‘do this, not that’ direction on seven repeatable lead generation systems you can use to reach people and get more leads. (My favorite system? The ‘Content Beachhead’)



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