Do Less

I keep a list of directives on my computer. They’re directives to live by, consult, modify, and adapt, as necessary. The order is irrelevant (#28 is as important as #1); however, these are the top three.

  1. Treat yourself with love.
  2. Do less.
  3. What if it were easy?

Let’s talk about Directive #2: “Do Less.”

There is an obsession with doing more, more, and more.

Where is the voice saying “If you’re comfortable with where you are, the projects you’re working on, the clients you’re working with, if you’re enjoying all of that, just keep on doing what’s working and forget ‘more'”?

I want to help you get more clients, better clients, higher paying clients — but only to the extent that more, better paying, higher paying clients let you take time off to spend doing the things you enjoy doing in this world. Time spent on hobbies. relationships, and activities outside of work.

There is this invisible script — this mind rot — that I see infesting the minds of many business owners. The mind rot of ‘More!’

  • We need more clients!
  • We need more revenue!
  • We need more subscribers!

To which I, often, respond: why?

Growth is good. But growth’s for growth’s sake — I don’t buy it.

If you’re happy with where you are, with where your business is, with how you’re doing as a business owner, why focus on doing more? What do you actually gain by doing more? What would more clients, more revenue, or more prospects actually mean for your business? What would change in your life as a result of that growth?

If the answer is ‘I don’t know,’ then why not do less?

  • Calculate who your least profitable clients are. Fire them. Make space to work on your business
  • Identify your least profitable service offerings. Stop offering them. Delete them from your website. You don’t do that anymore.
  • Figure out the most profitable, most successful marketing channels for your business. Double down on those. Exclude the new hotness.

Let me leave you with this pair of questions to think on. Email me ( and share your thoughts and answers, if you’d like.

  • What is your vision of a successful business for 2018? What does that look like for you?
  • What’s one thing you’re currently doing that you feel you don’t need to?