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“Discover How The World Sees You”

A little bit ago, I sent out an email about the 16Personalities Personality Test.

Since then, I’ve taken and enjoyed another personality test โ€” The Fascination Advantage https://www.howtofascinate.com/.

Where 16Personalities was great at helping me better understand me, The Fascination Advantage has helped me better understand how to market me.

Over to TFA:

How do clients and coworkers see you at your best?

The Fascinateยฎ Personality Test is the first way to measure your personal brand’s most impressive qualities.

Find out:

  • How you are most likely to make a brilliant first impression
  • How your personality adds value to teams
  • Potential “watch-outs” for your communication


The Fascination Advantage: branding, not psychology

The Fascinateยฎ Personality Test is based on a commissioned study by Kelton Global. It measured how people interact with brands, and the different communication styles humans respond to. We found seven different advantages: Innovation, Passion, Power, Prestige, Trust, Mystique and Alert.

While not as good as a 1-on-1 brand workshop for freelancers (If you need one of those, email me. I know someone who is accepting referrals), The Fascination Advantage can give you a look into how clients see you at your best.

Take the free Fascination Advantage here: https://www.howtofascinate.com/

And hit reply and let me know what the test told you and if you think it’s accurate or not.



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