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  • Lesson 1: Why you should guest on podcasts
  • Lesson 2: How DO you get on podcasts?
  • Lesson 3: Who are you trying to reach?
  • Lesson 4: How do you find podcasts to be a guest on?
  • Lesson 5: Audience-First Pitching
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  • Lesson 7: Email follow-up

About Kai Davis

Hi, I’m Kai Davis. Since 2015, I’ve helped my done-for-you ‘podcast tour’ clients get on podcasts as a guest. I’m also the author of Podcast Outreach a step-by-step guide (with templates) on how you can get on podcasts as a guest.

Here’s what Austin Church has to share about his experience with my material on getting on podcasts:

I was totally stalking Kai online. When it comes to guesting on podcasts, he really knows his stuff. The podcast outreach strategy he gives away for free is better than most of the paid products I’ve found, and I have booked appearances on multiple podcasts. I’ll end up blowing past my goal of 12. The entire process is scalable, and it’s one of the best ways to get in front of new audiences, grow my email list, and establish myself as an authority. Kai, I owe you one! — Austin Church, Strategist & Founder, Balernum

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