Client Intake Cheat Sheet

You’ll learn how to create a ‘Client Intake Process’ that saves you time and headaches.

The Client Intake Cheat Sheet is a clearย and repeatable process you can implement in your business to weed out the bad prospects from the good.

When you fill out the form,ย you’ll receive:

  1. The Client Intake Cheat Sheet โ€” Describing (step-by-step) how to get started and set up a client intake system.
  2. Recommended Tools โ€” The exact tools that you’ll use in your client intake system, all in one easily reference-able place.
  3. Proven Email Templates and Phone Scripts โ€” Email and phone scripts that you can copy, paste, and start using to manage your communication with prospects during client intake. These 6 proven scripts are ones that I personally use in my business.

“Kai, I really appreciate what you bring to what I’d call โ€˜modernโ€™ consulting (between me and you, Iโ€™ve grown a wee bit tired of just reading Alan Weiss)” โ€” Brandon M.

Fill out the form to receive the Client Intake Cheat Sheet

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