Building Your Consulting Pipeline

Often, I get the question “Hey, what should I do to build my business and get more clients?”

Friend, you’re asking the right questions. Here is my recommended reading list — and action items — for you to follow to focus on growing your consulting business.

  • Start with the Independent Consulting Manual, a book I co-wrote with 13 of my closest consulting friends on how to run a successful independent consulting business. It will give you a broad overview of the steps, strategies, and systems.

Okay, now the key question. Do you want to:

  • Get more clients?
  • Charge more?
  • Understand why your customers buy (and why they don’t)?

Get More Clients

Charge More

Understand Your Customers

And while you do that…

Focus on answering these 7 questions for your business:

  1. Who is my target market? Who do I serve? What is my positioning statement? (Be as specific with this as possible)
  2. What problems is your target market experiencing? (Reach out to actual humans for 5-10 conversations to learn about their business needs)
  3. What offerings can I make available to solve the problems my target market is experiencing?
  4. How can I refine my messaging to speak directly to people in my target market and the problems they’re experiencing?
  5. What tasks am I repeating every day, week, or month in my business — and what tools will automate those processes for me?
  6. Where do my customers spend their time online — and how can I reach them there?
  7. What content can I create for my audience that educates them about the problems they’re experiencing and demonstrates my authority and expertise?

There, that’s your game plan for building your pipeline. 🙂