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You built your freelance business to give you freedom, but you’re stuck billing hourly for your clients, and you feel like a slave to the clock.

You know that hourly billing is a trap, but your clients expect to pay hourly. When you propose something new, they push-back and you’re stuck billing hourly.

Even worse? You haven’t found your ‘niche’ in your industry yet. You’ve done a little bit of everything — and now your clients think of you as a glorified assistant, a jack of all trades.

When people ask, “What do you do?” you struggle with a clear “I do X for Y.” You want your clients to know you as an expert in your industry, but you’re not sure how to get started.

You’d love to pick a single type of client to work with — but that would mean turning down the work that you oh-so-desperately need right now.

And every time a new project comes in, you scramble to put together a proposal, spending hours or days on it. Only to end up — weeks later — with yet another unsigned contract.

Get Your Freedom Back

  • What if you could waive goodbye to writing time-wasting proposals? When a new client showed up, they’d pick one of your clear, easy to understand fixed-scope, flat-rate productized consulting offerings.
  • What if your business was built on daily, weekly, or project billing? No more fighting with a client about the 12-minutes you spent fixing typos. Your billing is straightforward, clear, and paid in advance.
  • What if you could clearly say “I do X for Y people”? When talking about your dream clients, what you could do and who your dream clients are would immediately ‘click’ for the listener, and they’d know who to refer to you.
  • What if your dream clients came to you? You have a reputation as an expert and thought-leader in your industry. When people have a problem, they think of you.

Does This Sound Familiar?

When I started freelancing, I was lucky enough to land a whale of a client. But our relationship ended when a set of problems crept up:

  • Insisting on Hourly Billing — When discussing a project, they’d only accept hourly billing. I’d propose a fixed-rate for a project and get push back that ‘they were only comfortable with hourly billing.’ But with hourly billing, the more efficient I was, the less I’d make.
  • Pushback on Invoices — Whenever I’d send an invoice, it would be analyzed down to the hour. Before I’d get paid, I’d need to answer their questions asking me to defend my billing.
  • Generalist, Not Specialist — I ended up working with four different departments and touching all types of projects in the company. Unfortunately, this labeled me as a ‘jack of all trades.’ When the CEO asked the CMO what I did, all the CMO could say was “He helps out with projects?” Terrible. I was ‘trapped’ as a generalist and couldn’t escape.

Finally, I was assigned a meaty, multi-month project that I was excited to work on — and 1-week into the project, I was told they had found someone on Craigslist who could tackle the project for 50% of my hourly rate. If I wanted to, I could drop my rate to match his.

That was the final straw. I ended our business relationship and rushed out…

…into nothing.

The Signs Of A Rocky Consulting Business

Because I’d been so focused on my work with this single client, I was stuck:

  • No Pipeline — Because I’d been so focused on my single client, I didn’t have a pipeline of leads. I was out in the cold.
  • Generalist Experience — Because my projects touched all different areas of the company, my experience labeled me as a generalist. I didn’t know how to focus down to a single ‘expensive problem’ for my work.
  • Hourly Billing — All of my experience was with hourly billing. I wasn’t experienced quoting projects at a daily or weekly rate. And quoting a ‘fixed price’ for a project seemed impossibly scary.
  • Proposal Writing — I was investing dozens of hours writing proposal after proposal, hoping one connected with a client. And time after time, I’d be met with ‘Sorry, we went with another consultant…”
  • No Positioning — When people asked what I did, I’d struggle with a clear definition. I didn’t have a good way to say “I do X for Y.”

Building A Stable Consulting business

Then I decided to do something different.

I started seeking out mentors, coaches, and experienced business owners for their advice. The single best thing I’ve done for my business is to seek out the help of other people.

Every time I’ve worked with a mentor and acted on their advice, it’s had a measurable and positive impact on my business.

Over the last two years, I’ve:

  • Booked Myself Solid — I’ve built a repeatable, systematic method for attracting leads that turn into high-paying clients. And I’ve booked myself solid for 6+ months.
  • Developed Specialist Experience — I’ve positioned myself as an authority and expert in my industry. I’m sought out to speak on podcasts and at conferences.
  • Eliminated Hourly Billing — I’ve switched from hourly billing to weekly and project-based billing, raising my effective hourly rate over 400% since 2013.
  • Eliminated Proposal Writing — I’ve eliminated proposal writing for my business, focusing on fixed-scope, flat-rate ‘productized consulting’ offerings instead. Now, when a client shows up, they can pick from a few pre-defined services that I offer.
  • Developed Clear Positioning — I’ve refined my positioning, creating a clear, direct statement that says “I do X for Y.”

Growing A Profitable, Stable Consulting Business

I’ve helped dozens of my friends and colleagues grow their consulting businesses. Now I want to help you grow your business. Presenting, Marketing Coaching for Consultants.

When we work together, you’ll get expert insight into your business, direction on how to reach your goals, and support and accountability to make sure you reach your goals.

In the past, I’ve offered all sorts of informal advice to friends and colleagues on how to grow their freelancing businesses. This offering brings structure to what I find myself doing every day.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in education and learning and read thousands of websites, courses, and books, and sifted through some very good advice and a lot of junk to learn how to best grow a freelance consulting business. How much would it be worth to you save yourself the years of sweat and tears?

What I Can Help You With

Here are just some of the things that I can help you with because I’ve already tackled these issues myself:

  1. Productizing your services
  2. Choosing a niche
  3. Finding your dream clients
  4. Eliminating hourly billing
  5. Raising your rates
  6. Adding recurring revenue to your business
  7. Building a sales pipeline
  8. Closing deals
  9. Managing your clients
  10. Getting clients to come to you
  11. and, most importantly, building a profitable business

What Do People Say About Working With Me?

I’ve made about six months’ worth of progress in under three months — and I felt clear, confident, and totally supported the whole way!

marissa-brackeI know this is the part of the testimonial where I’m supposed to say what my possible objections or worries were, but the truth is that I knew I wanted to work with Kai.

I’d seen Kai answering questions in a Slack channel, and I was immediately impressed with the level of pragmatic, do-this-right-away-actionable, totally B.S.-free advice and perspective he offered there. So much so, in fact, that I went out and looked him up on the web, which brought me to a bunch of podcasts he’d been on over the past few years. I listened to a LOT of those.

Again, I was struck by the fact that you gave solid, actionable business solutions — none of the “aspirational” biz puffery that passes for business advising and coaching so often — and I thought, “If I get this much out of this guy’s general advice, I know I’d get a ton out of the advice he’d have for my specific business.”

By the time I hit Kai’s coaching page, there were no obstacles. There was only a question of when I’d hire you.

As a result of my work with Kai:

  • I have completely reshaped my business positioning, and it’s the most well articulated and aligned it’s been in years. Literally, in years.
  • I have relaunched my website, now streamlined for my new positioning. This is something I’ve talked about doing for approximately… four years. Working with Kai, it got done.
  • I have created and launched a new entry-level service for my ideal clients under my new positioning.
  • I feel confident about where I’m at with this (HUGE) business transition, and I’ve felt clear on every step of the way.

How many people can say that when it comes to making massive changes in their business?! I’ve made about six months’ worth of progress in under three months, and I felt clear, confident, and totally supported the whole way.

Making huge changes in business is messy work, and it’s really easy to get mired in the chaos. Working with Kai, though, I never once had to worry about being left in a fog of wondering what step to take next, or feeling unsure about what direction to head.

I’ve made about six months’ worth of progress in under three months, and I felt clear, confident, and totally supported the whole way.

Every call ended with clear action steps to take, as well as links, templates, or resources to assist with the steps I was taking. Every call included Kai asking, “Am I being clear about that?” and if I had any questions whatsoever, Kai patiently and articulately laid out exactly what next actions I could take, gave me examples and case studies to model, and discussed any “sticking” points or hesitations with me until I was in the clear and ready to go.

This is why so much progress has happened during our work together: being clear about where to go next made it so much easier to build up momentum with my actions. There wasn’t the constant cycle of getting frustrated, having to figure it out myself, and re-starting. It was simply go, go, go (and succeed, succeed, succeed). I’ll sign up for that all day, any day!

It’s one thing to say, “You should do this.” It’s another thing entirely to say, “You should do this, and here’s an example to give you some ideas,”

Working together has given me three clear benefits:

  1. Confidence in my positioning! For years I’ve dreaded the question, “So, what do you do?” because the more experience I gained, the less I knew how to answer that question in a quickly relatable and impactful way. Result: my answers were wishy-washy and totally ineffective at conveying anything useful. After working with Kai, I’ve got confidence in my positioning, so I can answer what I do (or how I might help a prospective client) quickly, comfortably, conversationally. Anyone who’s ever struggled with trying to talk about what they do without sounding like a canned “elevator pitch” knows how HUGELY valuable this is! No more question dread for me, and no more blank stares from my conversation partners: now I get responses like, “Oh wow, I was just talking to someone who needs exactly that…” BINGO!
  2. Resources, resources, resources! Whenever I wasn’t sure about something, not only did Kai explain it well, but he also had a seemingly endless library of resources to share. From examples of outreach emails to sample questions for prospective clients to model productized service pages to use as jumping off points to book chapters on how to approach finding influencers to connect with — and those are just a few examples off the top of my head. It’s one thing to say, “You should do this.” It’s another thing entirely to say, “You should do this, and here’s an example to give you some ideas,” or “Maybe give this a try, and here are some templates from my own personal use that you can customize for your own use.” You were always giving the what + the how + (actual, not made-up-for-clients) examples of the how. That’s so rare, so generous, and SO useful. The resources you provided in our work gave me a huge jump-start for all of the execution and implementation I needed to do.
  3. No bullshit answers and opinions. This should be a given when you work with someone as a coach, consultant, or advisor… but let’s be honest: it’s not. Your answers were always clear, honest, and supported by “here’s why / how” real-world experience. You’re a sounding board I could trust implicitly and whose opinion carries real “been there, done that” weight. That’s a genuine trusted advisor.

I would recommend Kai’s coaching to anyone who’s ready to make a real commitment to making significant progress in their business, and wants to do it the real way, the right way, the sustainable and scalable way. Making back the investment in your services isn’t even a question; if you put the work in, and follow what Kai advises, you’re going to get your money’s worth over and over again. And because the way Kai helps people structure their services is focused on long-term success and sustainability, the investment is going to keep paying off in the long-term.

I’d shout this one from the rooftops: If you want momentous progress in your business, hire Kai. — Marissa Bracke, Owner, Just B Consulting

What I’ll Do For You

Here’s how I’d like us to work together. We’ll work together in 3-month segments. In the first 3-months, we’ll tackle:

  • Kickoff Workshop — First, we’ll start off with a list of homework questions about you, your business, and your goals. Then, we’ll move through a kickoff workshop so we can review your business and identify everything that’s causing you stress — or presenting your business from growing.
  • Business Growth Plan — Then, I’ll prepare a plan of action for your business, contributing my insight and expertise into growing your business and recommending specific next steps for you to take and establishing goals for you to work towards.
  • Weekly Accountability Calls — One of the most important things I can do for you as a mentor and coach is provide accountability and support for you as you work on growing your business. Weekly, we’ll have a 45-minute accountability call to discuss your progress, figure out how you can overcome roadblocks, and identify the top priority for you to focus on for the coming week.
  • Unlimited Questions — As a coaching client, you’ll get access to a private Slack channel for us to use to you communicate with each other as needed. Have a question about a client, a proposal, a project, or your business? Send me a message in Slack and I’ll get back to you within 24-hours.

After three months, we’ll have started moving you forward to a more stable consulting business:

  • Clear Positioning — We’ll refine your positioning, helping you create a clear, direct positioning statement that says “I do X for Y.”
  • Expensive Problems — We’ll identify the specific ‘expensive problems’ that your audience is experiencing. Then, we’ll position your marketing, your messaging, and your services to address these expensive problems for your clients.
  • Specialist Experience — We’ll position your experience in your industry as an authority and expert.
  • Client Pipeline — We’ll build out a repeatable, systematic method for attracting leads that turn into high-paying clients.
  • Productized Consulting — We’ll identify, prototype, and launch fixed-scope, flat-rate ‘productized’ consulting options for your business based off of your most common projects.
  • Weekly or Project Billing — We’ll transition you from hourly to weekly, monthly, or project billing for your new clients.

We can work together for as long as you need help and assistance. After three months, some students decide to continue working together, valuing my continued insight and support as they continue to grow their business. Other students move forward independently and continue to follow my recommendations for their growth, implementing my recommendations themselves.

What I Expect From You

In exchange for helping you grow your business and improve the quality of your work-life, my fee is $6,000 for 6-months, with 50% due up front and the remainder paid monthly over the next 3 months.

I also expect you to take action. You can listen to me all day, but unless you’re willing to challenge yourself and take action to grow your business, you won’t see any results. I guarantee that by the end of our first three months together, you’ll have both a plan of action and a toolbox of resources.

How We Can Tell If You’re A Good Fit

My coaching services aren’t for everyone, but you might want to apply if this sounds like you:

  • You’ve been independent for at least two years. I like to help people who are already experienced working independently and are looking for the support to grow their business even further.
  • You’re a freelancer or consultant. I’m a marketing consultant by trade, but I know a lot about how other marketers, consultants, and freelancers work. And the fundamentals of growing a freelancing or consulting business are the same across all disciplines.
  • You’re looking for support while growing your business. I work best when I’m helping you implement marketing to attract new clients, create and launch new productized consulting offerings, raise your rates, add recurring revenue to your business, and close deals more frequently.

3 2 Coaching Slots Are Currently Available

Applications for coaching slots are currently available! If you’re looking for actionable, specific advice on how to get more clients for your freelancing or consulting business, please fill out the form below. I’ll reply back with a few questions and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your business and your goals.

Who are you?

Kai-DavisMy name is Kai Davis. I’m a world leader in “Modern Consulting” marketing education. I’ve worked independently as a consultant for the last decade and coached over 400 freelancers and consultants on how to get more clients in group and 1-on-1 settings. I’m frequently interviewed for my views on growing a stable consulting business and speak at conferences about marketing for consultants.


It’s Time To Get Started

The best time to start growing your business was last year. The second best time to start is right now.

I’d love to help you grow your business. To get started, tell me about your business and together we’ll determine if we’re a good fit for working together.