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Client feedback, ‘fringe benefits,’ and testimonials

Over the weekend, I started to reread my copy of Value Based Fees (link), and I opened to this quote:

Constantly survey your past clients to determine your full breadth and scope…. We are often ignorant of what the client feels has been the true impact of our partnership. Clients will often say, “What surprised me is that we were able to do this in addition to what we discussed. That was a great fringe benefit.” Fringe benefits to one party are primary benefits to another.

As Alan Weiss points out in VBF, this feedback from your past clients helps you better understand aspects of your services to highlight to future clients AND how your services are more valuable than you think (so you can charge more).

How to make a habit of surveying your past clients

Is it just me, or does the idea of surveying your past clients feel a bit… uncomfortable?

To make this feel more natural, what you can do is take a standard, expected process (e.g., asking for a testimonial) and add a few additional questions to understand what the client feels has been the real impact of your work together.

To get you started, Meg Cumby (testimonial titan & case study celebrity) and I put together the Ultimate Testimonial Guide (a 100% free resource).

This guide outlines a repeatable process you can follow to survey your clients and gather feedback and insights. While the questions we recommend are meant to help you get a great testimonial, this process also enables you to learn more about your partnership’s true impact with your client.

Here’s how to use this:

If you’re looking for the best way to get started with testimonials, the (free) Ultimate Testimonial Guide has the information you need https://kaidavis.com/courses/client-testimonials/ultimate-testimonial-guide/.

Or, get expert testimonial help

If you’re looking for expert help to get testimonials and client feedback, check out Meg Cumby’s services (https://megcumby.com/work-with-meg/). Meg specializes in getting you high-quality testimonials and case studies without the awkwardness.

Her Client Success Stories are great to read through https://megcumby.com/clientstories/.

Here’s what one of Meg’s clients has to share about working with her:

My biggest fear was having someone else talk to my client without me there. What put me at ease was seeing that Meg had a clearly defined process for the service and that she conducted herself professionally in our conversations. I could see that she knew exactly what she was doing and would get better results than if I were to collect the testimonials myself. — Mike Julian, CEO, Duckbill Group



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