Chop Wood, Carry Water, Write Copy

by Kai Davis | Last Updated: August 4, 2020
Chop Wood, Carry Water, Write Copy

As an indie consultant (or freelancer), how do you get better at writing copy? (e.g., proposals, marketing emails, marketing pages, sales pages, web copy)

You get better at writing copy by falling in love with the process of writing copy.

As with everything in life, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. In the end, the only thing that makes you better at writing copy is practicing writing copy.  Full stop.

Just like when you’re learning a musical instrument, you need to set aside intentional time to practice. Make your practice time a regular, recurring time, ~30-60 minutes long, a few times a week. If you can make this a daily time, even better.

But! There’s another tip here that’s simple, obvious, and often goes unsaid: if you want to get better at writing a specific type of copy, you want to focus most of your efforts on practicing writing that kind of copy, not all types of copy:

Most likely, you don’t need to get better at writing all types of copy today.

In the short/medium-term, there might be one or two copywriting skills at the top of your mind that you want to improve.

How should you practice writing copy? More on that in tomorrow’s letter. But in short:



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