"I Have a Tremendous Amount of Clarity After Our Call"

Do you have questions? I don't have all of the answers, but I have some of them.

"You know those times when you sit staring at a problem you can’t solve, just wishing that someone was standing over your shoulder telling you what to do?"

Not sure how to get more clients for your freelancing business? Or do you have pressing questions about your marketing, your pipeline, your services, or your business?

Invest in a 1-on-1 call to get actionable advice about your business today.

"I’ve managed to more than 4.5x the amount of monthly income I was receiving before our call"

I had to drop you an email to let you know - since we had the coaching call last year, I’ve completely revamped my retainer services. In fact, I’ve actually CREATED some new retainer services (what I call Design Partnerships).

I’ve not even fully launched them yet, but I’ve managed to more than 4.5x the amount of monthly income I was receiving before our call - by adding only 2 extra monthly partnership clients into the mix!

THANK YOU for this - I have no idea why I resisted retainer style work for so long in my business, but it’s been a complete game changer for me.

I’m now hoping to grow my design partnerships post-launch to at least 10x what my original amount was, and potentially even more. — Rachel Shillcock, Founder & Designer, Rachilli

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next

Imagine this.

Imagine having someone who has been in your shoes as an independent business owner, a freelancer, and a consultant, that you can bounce ideas off of and who can help shake you loose when you're locked up in decision paralysis.

Like many entrepreneurs, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure because the overall plan isn't perfect in your head.

Imagine having the influence and advice of a trusted peer to help you (and your business) realize your full potential.

Imagine knowing what to do next with specific, actionable, personalized advice and answers to your most pressing questions.

Get actionable advice from a consultant who has been there

"I always seem to convince myself through stubbornness and/or ego that I can correct course on my own with 'just a little more hard work'"

Those are the exact words a freelancer who paid for a 1-on-1 call used to describe their current situation.

They had been spinning their wheels for months on a decision for their business. In our call, we were able to identify the steps for them to take to grow their business.

Often all it takes is to talk to the right person at the right time.

Put the analysis paralysis behind you and get actionable, specific advice on exactly what to do next for you and your business. Book a live 1-on-1 video call today and get actionable, specific advice.

Kai is a wealth of knowledge, and it's clear that his goal is to make sure you achieve your goal in the most effective and efficient way possible

I wasn't sure the call would generate a Return on Investment for my business, but it did 🙂

As a result of the call, I have a better idea on tools, processes, and positioning improvements I can make, all of which have made my business easier, more sustainable, and more scalable.

— Erik J

I had a great call with Kai. He responded to all of my questions in a clear and concise manner. If you're looking for actionable advice I strongly recommend you speak to Kai.

— Emir M.

Here’s How It Works:

Book a live 1-on-1 live 60-minute video call.

On the call, you'll share your biggest business or marketing challenges with me. I'll give you specific instructions about what to do next.

Typical areas of discussion include:

  • Specific instruction on the things to implement to change your business
  • Direction on what to work on in your business so you avoid getting stuck
  • How to find the time to work on your business, your marketing, or your sales pipeline
  • Refining your positioning to match a specific target market (and how to identify that market)
  • What steps to take to reach the financial goals you want to hit this year and what will help you get there
  • Advice on what to apply to your business, where to start, and the directions you can take your business in
  • How to move forward and grow your business with an actionable roadmap and direction for your business
  • Direct advice on how to improve your marketing and sales, what to start with, what to measure, and how you'll know if things are working.

Your video call will also be recorded and shared with you for you to reference whenever you need.

You'll benefit from no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately.

This is practical “do this specific thing next” instruction gained from 1,000+ hours of working as an independent freelancer and consultant and experience coaching hundreds of freelancers and consultants just like you.

How much is this?

1-on-1 video calls are $300 each and 60-minutes long. Each call takes place over video and you receive a copy of the recording.

Plus, you'll receive $247 in bonuses with your purchase.

Exclusive Bonuses ($247 in value)

When you reserve your call, you’ll receive an exclusive collection of educational resources to help you understand the core principles of how to get more clients.

All together, you’ll receive the following educational resources:

  • The Outreach Blueprint: This book will teach you the framework of an effective outreach campaign, while also giving you the exact words to say. Priced at $49. 
  • Podcast Outreach: This book will teach you how to get in front of your target market by appearing as a ‘Guest Expert’ on the podcasts that your ‘dream buyers’ listen to. Priced at $49.
  • The Independent Consulting Manual: This book is a collection of wisdom from experienced, expert consultants on how to grow to (and beyond) a 6-figure business as an independent consultant. Learn from the collected wisdom of the authors and 25 essays on how to start, run, and grow a business an an independent consultant. Priced at $49.
  • Community Access — You'll get a year of exclusive access to my private community of freelancers and consultants, Freelance Camp. $100/year. 

Questions, asked with some frequency

What happens after I pay?

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule an appointment in my calendar and I'll send you a pre-call questionnaire to complete.

What if I’m not a full-time freelancer or consultant yet?

I can help you identify the specific next steps to take to go from full-time employee or part-time freelancer to full-time freelancer or consultant.

Are there any other costs?

No. I might recommend a few books or pieces of technology that you can optionally invest in. There are no hidden fees or additional costs.

I’m worried about sharing my business details…

Don’t be. I keep everything you share in strictest confidence. No specific or identifying details about you or your business will be shared with anyone.

I don’t think I need help

Everyone needs help.

"I always seem to convince myself through stubbornness and/or ego that I can correct course on my own with 'just a little more hard work'"

Those are the exact words a consultant who was considering working with me said in our first call.

I frequently invest in in 1-off calls, mentoring, coaching, and products that help me be a better consultant, a better marketer, and a better freelancer. You might not think you need help right now — but let me ask you this:

  • Why would someone hire a maid when they could just clean their home themselves?
  • Why would someone pay a barber when they could just cut their hair themselves?
  • Why would someone pay a mechanic to repair their car when they could just learn how to do it themselves online?
  • Why would someone hire a landscaper when they could mow their own lawn and rake their own leaves?
  • Why would someone pay an accountant to file their taxes?

The ultimate answer to all of these is:

Because they have more money than time.

If you don't recognize the value of professional assistance, I will be unable to help you.

Can my business partner be on the call too?

No. Calls are strictly 1-on-1. You are free to bring a list of their questions with you to ask on the call or share the recording of the call with them after the fact. The calls will only consist of two people: you and me.

How long before I see results?

If you’re committed about investing in yourself and have time regularly scheduled during the week to work on your business, then you could see results in as little as a few weeks.

But I don’t know you, how you work, or how you treat your business. If you don’t put in the necessary time, you won’t see the outcomes you’re looking for. Just like a gym membership.

Do you offer refunds?

No, refunds are not offered for calls. 

I still have questions!

Still have questions? Email me directly at kai@kaidavis.com.

Who Are You?

Kai DavisHeya! I’m Kai Davis and I’ve been a Freelancer and Marketing Consultant for the last decade.

In my first year as a solo consultant, I built a pipeline that had me booking clients six months out. I have over a decade of real-world experience successfully applying modern consulting marketing to my own consulting business — and that of the 400+ other consultants I have coached and mentored.

I educate consultants on how to market their business to get more clients. I consider it my mission to teach consultants how to get more clients. Care to join me? You’ll be glad you did.

The Final Call To Action

This webpage is almost at an end! Don’t waste another moment feeling like you’re running one inch in every direction with the marketing for your business. Book your 1-on-1 call today.

I'd shout this one from the rooftops: "If you want momentous progress in your business, hire Kai Davis."

marissa-brackeI'd seen Kai answering questions in a Slack channel, and I was immediately impressed with the level of pragmatic, do-this-right-away-actionable, totally B.S.-free advice and perspective he offered there. So much so, in fact, that I went out and looked him up on the web, which brought me to a bunch of podcasts he'd been on over the past few years. I listened to a LOT of those.

Again, I was struck by the fact that he gave solid, actionable business solutions — none of the "aspirational" biz puffery that passes for business advising and coaching so often — and I thought, "If I get this much out of this guy's general advice, I know I'd get a ton out of the advice he'd have for my specific business."

As a result of my work with Kai:

  • I have completely reshaped my business positioning, and it's the most well articulated and aligned it's been in years. Literally, in years.
  • I have relaunched my website, now streamlined for my new positioning. This is something I've talked about doing for approximately... four years. Working with Kai, it got done.
  • I have created and launched a new entry-level service for my ideal clients under my new positioning.
  • I feel confident about where I'm at with this (HUGE) business transition, and I've felt clear on every step of the way.

How many people can say that when it comes to making massive changes in their business?!

I would recommend Kai's coaching to anyone who's ready to make a real commitment to making significant progress in their business, and wants to do it the real way, the right way, the sustainable and scalable way.

Making back the investment in your services isn't even a question; if you put the work in, and follow what Kai advises, you're going to get your money's worth over and over again.

And because the way Kai helps people structure their services is focused on long-term success and sustainability, the investment is going to keep paying off in the long-term.

I'd shout this one from the rooftops: "If you want momentous progress in your business, hire Kai Davis."

— Marissa Bracke, Owner, Just B Consulting

Availability Is Limited

I’m only available for a limited number of 1-on-1 calls each month. Scheduling is first come, first served.

The sooner you book your call, the sooner you’ll have the answers you need to improve your marketing and your business to the next level.