Business Time

It is absolutely essential for you to make the time in your business to focus on your business building activities.

Business Time.

The first step to this is to block out at least four hours each week on your calendar to spend working on your business.

The time can be in two sections two hours, space two days amount or on one day. I encourage you to pick the single day.

This is what my calendar looks like. Friday from 8am until 12pm I have designated as ‘Work On The Business’ time.

Work On The Business Time on Kai's Calendar

This time is a sacred time. You do not schedule anything over your ‘Work On The Business’ time.

This is four hours each week that a very insistent — polite, but insistent – client has purchased from you. This is not time to schedule over or move around to fit in a call.

You are busy from the time your scheduled ‘Work On The Business’ time starts until it ends.

Your homework:

  • Add a block of scheduled, recurring time to your calendar that’s dedicated to you working on your business
  • Once you add this recurring event to your calendar, send a screenshot to