Book Recommendation: The Brain Audit

The Brain Audit ( might be the book I’ve gifted the most.

I’ve purchased ~80-100 copies of The Brain Audit over the years, and I’ve made a habit of giving copies to clients, coaching students, and friends in the industry. It’s that good of a book.

The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza

The Brain Audit teaches you why customers buy (and why they don’t) and what you can do about that. The Brain Audit is really impactful if you’re a service provider selling services.

The Brain Audit is one of those books that has changed my business, life, and approach to marketing more than anything else out there.

The book’s core is about understanding the steps people — you, me, our friends, our customers — go through when buying a product or service. And if your service (or product) isn’t selling, what you can do to attract and keep the customer’s attention.

The first time I read The Brain Audit was right after I moved back to Eugene in 2014 and was on a late-spring walk.

I was reading the book as I walked to a nearby park and kept diving deeper and deeper into the book. Turning pages, learning about why customers buy and why they don’t, I walked — face first — into a parked car.

I even smashed my face print into the dust on the car’s back window.

I kept reading. I did, however, sit down for a few minutes.

And then the story made it back to the author of The Brain Audit (Sean D’Souza):

I love The Brain Audit, and it’s one of the best books on marketing/business I’ve read in the last decade. I enthusiastically recommend The Brain Audit to you.

You can find it on Amazon links.)

  • The kindle copy is $8.99
  • The paperback copy is $39.95