What’s The Best Invoicing Software For Freelancers?

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If you’re a freelancer, you might be asking the question “What’s the best invoicing software for me?”

In short, if you’re looking for invoicing software, I recommend Freckle (http://letsfreckle.com). They’re excellent and they’re what I use to both track time internally on projects and send invoices to clients (they’re great at sending either hourly or flat-rate invoices!).

What should freelancers look for in invoicing software?

If you’re looking for invoicing software, you want to look for three things. Your software needs to be:

  • Able to create and send invoices for you
  • Able to support hourly or fixed-fee work
  • Able to get paid

Freckle does all of this on beautiful invoices, all while being one of the best time trackers for freelancers out there.

What’s the benefit of time tracking?

You want to get paid for the time that you work. And you either bill hourly or you don’t.

If you bill hourly…

Then Freckle has, literally, the best time tracker out there. Like they say on their site:

Ironically, tracking your time takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. You hates the administrative overhead of logging your time, and so… you suspect (or you know!) that you’re mostly making guesstimates, after the fact.

Those guesstimates lead to bad data, impaired ability to make critical business decisions, and, of course… you can’t bill as much, either.

I have a close friend — a legal professional — who billed hourly but never really tracked his time. He wrote down hours estimated in a day in a notebook and added it up to generate his invoices.

I said to him “For a week, just try tracking your time. See how close you are.” And I bet him a steak dinner on it.

Three days into the week he called me:

“Kai, I’ve been underbidding by 30%.”

With just a few days of data, he could see he was actually working more than he had been estimating on his invoices. Meaning he had been undercharging his clients for years.

Just by tracking his time better, he was able to send make more money when he send out his invoices (he uses Freckle too).

Freckle let’s you easily generate beautiful fixed-fee invoices for your business. You can watch a screencast tutorial here:

If you bill daily/weekly/fixed-fee…

Then you need to be able to do two things:

  1. Send your invoices to your clients
  2. Track the time that you spend working on your business

For #1,

Freckle let’s you easily generate beautiful fixed-fee invoices for your business. You can watch a screencast tutorial here:

For #2,

Do you spend time working on your business each week? Do you have time blocked out on your calendar (http://kaidavis.com/business-time/) to work on your business?

When you work on your business, do you track your time to see if you’re actually spending time working on your business? (I track my time with Freckle and RescueTime and block distracting sites using Freedom — Read all about it here: http://kaidavis.com/time-management/)

If you aren’t, you’re probably under charging yourself. You get better at something with deliberate practice. And you achieve deliberate practice by saying “This is time I am spending on doing THIS THING” and then doing THIS THING deliberately for that time.

Deliberate, intentional practice.

If you want to build a better business, you need to spend time deliberately, intentionally practicing at building a better business. (Hint: That’s also how you get to charge more money).

I use Freckle to track the time I spend on internal business projects. I’m tracking the time I’m spending right now writing this email.

I don’t use Freckle to track the time I spend on client projects because I don’t bill hourly. However, I do use Freckle to invoice on client projects. It makes it incredibly simple and easy to get paid. I highly recommend it.

How do I get started?

Sign up for Freckle and start tracking your time: http://letsfreckle.com. (non-affiliate link).

If you bill hourly, add your projects and start tracking your time. You might be surprised to see how and where you spend your time (and if you’re underbidding). Send your invoices through freckle.

If you don’t bill hourly, add your projects to freckle and start tracking days your worked and then sending invoices through Freckle. And start tracking your internal time. The time you’re dedicating to working on your business.

Track that time for a month and see how it goes. When I did it, it surprised me.

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