“Being X for Y is the best marketing hack”

I came across this tweet from @randfish (founder of SparkToro) and wanted to share it here, because it’s spot on.

Your goal with your positioning should be to have that same level of focus as Dave: “I help fence contractors get more leads.”

The more narrow and specific you make your positioning, the more impactful it’ll be.

But impactful to whom? And impactful in what ways?

  • Impactful to your target market

When they come across you, they’ll say, “Oh, woah, they’re for people like me.” That’s a powerful effect to add to your marketing. You aren’t for everyone, you’re just for them.

  • Impactful to yourself

A crispy positioning statement like this (“I help fence contractors get more leads”) acts as a focusing lens for your own marketing.

I don’t know Dave from the example tweet/linkedin profile, but we can suppose he might ask himself at times, “Does this marketing opportunity get me closer to more fence contractors?” And if the answer is yes, he can pursue that opportunity.