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Kurt Elster

“You know that feeling when you just can't see the forest for the trees? Well, that was me, completely stumped with my app listing. Out of ideas, I decided to give Kai a call. We had this great chat where we went over everything I'd tried, and then... Kai came through with some jaw-dropping suggestions that totally revamped my app listing. I was blown away when I checked my app installs the next morning, and they had doubled overnight. If you're ever feeling stuck or lost, Kai is your go-to person for that fresh, outside-the-box perspective.”

Kurt Elster, Shopify App Founder/Owner, Crowdfunder

"Who's behind this app growth thing?"

I’m Kai Davis, a growth marketer and solo consultant who specializes in helping Shopify apps grow.

In this corner of the internet, I help founders, owner, and managers of Shopify apps grow their app.

Outside of this, I work with Shopify merchants and help them grow their Shopify stores. I’m the founder of Double Your Ecommerce, a consultancy focused on SEO and growth engines for Shopify merchants. I've been working with Shopify merchants since 2014.

I hope you enjoy the tips, resources, and articles I share in my newsletters.

I also offer done-for-you app store optimization services for Shopify apps. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like help growing your app.

— Kai Davis

"What makes you different? Why not work with an agency?"

First, you’re working directly with me, Kai Davis. Unlike working with an agency, you won’t get passed from a salesperson to a project manager and junior team member. All my clients work directly with me, from initial sales calls through post-project delivery. You’ll have my personalized attention throughout our time together on your business, app, and app store listing.

Second, I have years of personal and professional experience with the Shopify platform. I love Shopify and love working with the owners, developers, and directors of Shopify apps. On top of that, I have a seasoned understanding of Shopify merchants: I’m the founder/owner of Double Your Ecommerce, where since 2014, I’ve worked exclusively with Shopify merchants.

Third, you’ll always know how much it’ll cost to work together before our project starts. I never charge an hourly or daily rate; all my services are fixed-price. You’ll always know exactly how much a project will cost before we start work together.

Shopify Apps I’ve worked with:

Watch teardowns of app landing pages and webinars on app growth marketing

To help share insights on what makes a great app landing page and the different marketing opportunities you should think about, I regularly release recordings of teardowns of the landing pages of popular (and niche) apps in the Shopify app store.

Browse the complete list of app growth webinars and community teardowns on YouTube in this playlist.

Or watch this most recent featured video right here:

Give your Shopify app a shot of 'Vitamin K'

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