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Adding ‘Cold Calling’ into your Outreach Marketing campaigns

When you’re building your Outreach Marketing campaign, you may be considering adding cold calls in. Does Cold Calling make sense in an Outreach Marketing campaign?

If so, when do you use it?

If not, why?

Cold Calling Gives You Another Chance To Demonstrate Interest

Outreach Marketing comes down to one key point: demonstrating interest.

That’s why, in a follow-up campaign, such importance is put on follow-up: to demonstrate that we’re interested and committed in building (or maintaining) a relationship.

If you send a single email to a prospect (and never follow-up) what does that say about how valuable you see the outcome you could produce?

But if you follow-up 2, 5, 10 times, adding more value to the conversation, you demonstrate how valuable you believe working together would be for the prospect.

Cold Calling: Another Channel For Demonstrating Value

When you add cold calling into the mix, you double the number of channels you can use to reach your prospect.

Maybe you’re already planning on contacting them through an email outreach campaign every week:

  • Day 1: Email
  • Day 8: Email
  • Day 15: Email
  • Day 22: Email
  • Day 29: Email

However, when you add cold calling into the mix, you add a second channel you can use to contact your prospect:

  • Day 1: Email
  • Day 4: Cold Call
  • Day 8: Email
  • Day 12: Cold Call
  • Day 15: Email
  • Day 19: Cold Call
  • Day 22: Email
  • Day 25: Cold Call
  • Day 29: Email

An excellent book on Cold Calling is ‘Cold Calling Early Customers’: https://www.amazon.com/Calling-Early-Customers-Robert-Graham-ebook/dp/B009390KSQ

Mixing Cold Calling with Email Outreach

When you already have an email outreach campaign in place, you can consider adding cold calling into it.


When you want to follow up more often with the prospect.

This works best when the prospect is a good fit for your industry: they match your target market and they’re experiencing the trigger or situation for the problem you can solve.

Cold Calling gives you a second channel to use to approach your prospect.

You can call and reference the email you recently sent as a way of making contact.

Your goal, when you speak to someone you’re cold calling, isn’t to sell them immediately. Rather, this is a prospecting call and your goals are to determine if they’re a good fit for your services and, if they are, schedule another time to talk.

A cold call prospecting call would (or should) take under 15 minutes of the prospects time. Ideally, it’ll take under 10 minutes.

Again, your goals are simple:

  • Determine if they’re in your target market
  • Determine if they’re the right person for you to be speaking with about the problem
  • Determine if they’re experiencing the problem or situation or the trigger that indicates a soon-to-be problem

If they are, then you’ll want to schedule a time to talk with them to learn more about the problem.

When To Use Cold Calling

Cold Calling is very much a 300 or 400 level outreach strategy. It is something you’d add onto a more advanced outreach campaign to give you more touch points with your prospects.

On some outreach campaigns I’ve coordinated, we’ve focused on:

  • Outreach Emails, to build initial contact
  • Cold Calling, to follow-up on our outreach emails
  • Direct Mail, to send supporting information and market data to strengthen our position

But that’s a very advanced level campaign.

For most campaigns, you’ll be best off starting with just an Outreach Email campaign.

Then, over time, you can add in other outbound strategies and systems in addition to Outreach Email: cold calling, direct mail, ‘lumpy mail.’

But what’s important is to start with a firm and sold email outreach system. With that, you’ll build relationships with your prospects and move them from being prospects to leads.

Want to learn more about how to build an email outreach system for your business? You can in The Outreach Blueprint (http://outreachblueprint.com).

In The Outreach Blueprint, you’ll learn:

  • How to email anyone and get a reply
  • A framework for writing ‘you’ focused emails
  • How to find anyone’s email address
  • How to build a best practice outreach campaign for your business

…and so much more including templates and worksheets and exercises.

Get started with your outreach marketing today: http://outreachblueprint.com

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