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A Real Professional

Swizec (https://swizec.com/), a friend, writes in with a great insight after yesterday’s letter “I will send along an NDA to get the discussion started” (https://kaidavis.com/freelancers-guide-to-ndas/)

Swizec adds:

It makes you look like A Real Professional who certainly knows what they’re doing.

Swizec is 100% right.

When you take the initiative like this, you look like a real professional to your leads, clients, and prospects:

  • You’re identifying a pain on the lead’s side of the table (Their desire for security and peace of mind via NDA)
  • You’re preparing a professional document that addresses this pain (An NDA crafted via your lawyer)
  • You’re making this document part of your standard process (“Here’s our standard NDA to ensure that we’re both protected.”)

All of this adds up to looking like A Real Professional™ who knows what they’re doing. This applies no matter what the document or pain at hand is:

  • Your Contract
  • Client Onboarding
  • Client Offboarding

Identify the pain. Put together a document and process. Present your clients with this process.

You’ll look like A Real Professional, my friend.

Thank you, Swizec! Great insight!



p.s., I had ‘A Real Hero’ from the ‘Drive’ Soundtrack stuck in my head while writing this letter.

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