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“I really enjoy Kai’s work. His list is phenomenal and he’s got a lot of small focused high quality guides that are very useful at every level of doing business.”

— Joel Hooks, Founder, Badass Courses

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Kai Davis

Grow your business with Kai’s help

Are you looking for help marketing or growing your business as a solo consultant or founder?

I’d love to help. I’ve been doing growth marketing and digital marketing online for my businesses and 100+ client businesses since 2008.

I have over a decade of experience applying growth marketing strategies and tactics to service, product, and software-focused businesses. You can browse a selection of testimonials from clients I’ve worked with.

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Kind words from clients

I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of brands, agencies, and people over my time as a solo consultant. You can read a selection of their kind words below or view a larger selection of testimonials right here.

“It feels like you’ve taken the time to get to know my business, and that you care about my success.” — Arianne Foulks, Founder/Captain, Aeolidia

— Arianne Foulks, Founder/Captain, Aeolidia

You’d been on my radar for several years and I liked your Indie Hacker approach and ideas and you seemed like someone I’d enjoy working with and would trust. Our initial phone call confirmed that.

As a result of our work together, we niched down and repositioned in the first few months of work together. Within two weeks of launching the new service, I had closed a 20k+ project from an inbound lead. It was awesome initial validation. With some very light marketing activities, I built a pipeline of leads that I was very happy with.

Kareem Mayan, Principal,

Kurt Elster

“Kai’s a sharp guy! In 15 minutes, we literally came up with a new, profitable, and frankly easy productized service to add to my business.”

— Kurt Elster, Founder of, Ethercycle and The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

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Kind words from readers

Kim Lifton

“Your newsletter rocks. I appreciate your wisdom. I trust your opinion, and I don’t even know you.”

— Kim Lifton, President, Wow Writing Workshop

Paul Swail

Kai is top of mind when I have a marketing implementation concern – “didn’t Kai write something about this a while back? goes to gmail to search. BOOM – there it is!” 🙂

— Paul Swail, Principal Consultant, Winter Wind Software

"The main value I get from Kai’s newsletter is another perspective on problems, solutions and processes – it teaches me how to look at things differently, usually in a nicer, kinder way. His emails are short and offer templates that are ready to use. I think his is one of the perfect examples of a newsletter."

Franz Sauerstein, Owner, WooCommerce Marketing Consultancy

About Kai Davis

I’m Kai Davis, an entrepreneur, growth marketer, and marketing coach. I like helping people grow their online businesses. These days, I’m focused on just a few core things:

  1. Coaching solo consultants on marketing and growth. I run a coaching practice where I work with solo consultants and owners of small agencies to help them accelerate their marketing and growth. You can read testimonials from 1-on-1 coaching clients here.
  2. Writing my letters on marketing, growth, and entrepreneurship. I send regular letters, stories, articles, tips, and resources to help you grow your business. Sign up, join the list, and get the next letter in your inbox →.
  3. Helping Shopify stores grow with SEO growth engines. I’m the founder of Double Your Ecommerce, a solo consultancy focused on growth for Shopify merchants.

More about me: I’ve spoken on over a hundred podcasts and webinars about growth, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I’ve given talks at sold-out conferences in the US and Europe. I’ve hosted conferences and events for entrepreneurs and founders since 2016. I’m The Magic Email guy ( I live in Eugene, Oregon (don’t be creepy)

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