Kai Davis

Hello! I’m Kai Davis. I’m an Outreach Consultant in Eugene, Oregon. I help consultants and product creators manage their most valuable relationships and build new ones that help them reach their dream buyers.

Here is a list of what I’m working on right now:

  1. Outreach Consulting. I work as an Outreach Consultant and help my clients grow their audience helping them promote their best content and reach their target market: appearing on relevant podcasts, writing articles for relevant sites, and partnering in joint-venture webinars with influencers and experts in their field. Interested in working together? Read more about my services here.
  2. Writing books. I wrote Podcast Outreach, a book on how to proactively appear on relevant podcasts that reach your target market. I wrote Outreach Blueprint, a primer on the systems and processes behind an effective Outreach Marketing campaign. I co-wrote the Independent Consulting Manual with a group of my fellow consultants.
  3. Writing for my mailing list. I write a weekly letter to my audience of consultants and educational product creators about how to get on podcasts, reach their audience, and grow their business. Click here to sign up.
  4. Growing Remarq. I’m a co-founder of Remarq: Beautiful Content Upgrades and eBooks without worrying about design. Read about how you can use Remarq to build your audience with content upgrades and ebooks here.
  5. Recording a podcast called Make Money Online with my friend nickd. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to run an independent consulting business, you should start here.
  6. Appearing on your podcast or presenting to your audience. Are you the host of an audience that’s looking to hear on topics ranging from outreach consulting to audience building or educational product creation? I’m always happy to work with you as a guest on your podcast or as a co-host on a joint webinar. Get in touch here.

These are the six things that I’m focusing on for the time being. If it isn’t on this list, that means that I must pass on the opportunity. That means no taking on unpaid work (even Skype calls).

Want to get in touch? Please email my assistant or Ask Me Anything over here.