Kai Davis, Outreach Consultant and Author

Hello! I’m Kai Davis, a Digital Public Relations / Outreach Consultant in Eugene, Oregon.

I help educational product creators grow their audience and increase sales by managing their most valuable relationships and building new ones. (I also work one-on-one and in group-settings with freelancers and consultants to teach them how to productize their services, raise their rates, and build a pipeline of leads).

I’m a strong believer in focus. There are only so many things one can do in a day, a month, or a year, so I’ve intentionally limited the scope of where and how I’m focusing my attention. Curious? Read on:

  1. Running a Digital Public Relations / Outreach Consultancy. I’m the owner of Double Your Audience, a small, independent consultancy that focuses on helping product creators grow their audience and increase sales by managing their most valuable relationships and building new ones and by promoting their best products and content to an audience of their dream buyers through podcasts, webinars, and guest articles. Curious about working together? Read about my services and then reserve a confidential consultation so we can discuss your business.
  2. Co-Hosting Make Money Online. I co-host Make Money Online, a humble podcast about reckless, unfettered businesses domination as an independent consultant. I co-host the podcast with my friend nickd. You should subscribe to Make Money Online. You should rate and review Make Money Online in the iTunes Podcast Store. You should purchase Make Money Online’s about page for $5. Thank you.
  3. Directing the Double Your Freelancing Academy. I’m the Director for the Double Your Freelancing Academy, a 7-month program that will teach you how to transform your freelancing or consulting business and build it into a $100,000+/year business and beyond, no matter if you’re an independent consultant, run a team, or are an agency owner. I’m also the Subject Matter Expert on Market Research for Consultants. Applications are now open.
  4. Writing. I write professionally (about Digital Public Relations, Outreach Consulting, and Audience Building) at Double Your Audience. I write personally (about life, travel, dating, and books I’ve enjoyed) over here. The best way to know when I write something new, release a new podcast episode, or share something exciting is to click here and sign up for my letters. I spend my time Writing Weekly Letters for You. I send out a letter most every week to my friends, family, and colleagues about marketing, digital public relations, business, consulting, or a great book I’ve read. Each letter is written to help share one new thing with you that you can implement in your life or business. You should sign up here.
  5. Writing Books. I’ve written or co-authored three books: The Outreach Blueprint, a book that will teach you how to build an outreach system to email anyone and get a response. Podcast Outreach, a book that will teach you how to appear as a guest on the podcasts that your ‘dream buyers’ listen to and convert them from listeners into subscribers and members of your audience. The Independent Consulting Manual, a book I masterminded and served as the editor and publisher for, collecting essays from 13 master consultants on how to run a successful, independent consulting agency. My next two books — Blogger Outreach and The Outreach Manual are both in development and will be released in 2017.
  6. Participating in an Intentional Mastermind Community. I’m a member of a small, private mastermind of other consultants. Yes, they are amazing. Yes, I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this. No, you cannot join. We co-wrote the Independent Consulting Manual, I suggest purchasing a copy.

The above things are where I’m focusing my time and attention. If you’re interested in working together in a way that isn’t listed above, alas, I most likely will have to say no. That means no taking on unpaid work (even Skype calls). If you’d like to learn more about working with me in a consulting capacity, you should read more about my services.

However, even so, I’d appreciate you taking the time to ask me questions, if you have any, on my Ask Me Anything page. You can also reach my assistant at office@doubleyouraudience.com. She’ll be able to answer your question by directing you to an article I’ve written, an interview I’ve participated in, or a product I’ve created — or connect you with me if it seems like I can help you reach your goals.


— Kai

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