Getting Started With Linkable Assets

By Kai Davis on October 13, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

When you think about investing in Search Engine Optimization, you need to think about the outcome you want Search Engine Optimization to help you achieve.

If the outcome you’re targeting is “More Traffic” and links help you achieve that outcome, how do you attract links to your website? And what type of links do you want to attract?

We’re all seen ads for ‘$199/month Link Building Services’ that ‘guarantee’ you first page rankings. Is that enough to increase your traffic? And if not, what do you need? Why do you need it? How do you get it?

Unofficial Shopify Podcast: eCommerce SEO

By Kai Davis on September 25, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

My friends Kurt and Paul had me on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast to talk about Shopify eCommerce SEO.

This is the Unofficial Shopify Podcast with Kurt Elster and Paul Reda, your resource for growing your Shopify business sponsored by Ethercycle.

Roadmapping Sessions

By Kai Davis on July 8, 2014 — Get free updates of new posts here

Three months ago, my dream client came knocking.

They’re an established local business and they were looking to invest in growth for the future. They wanted to work with me on a large, multi-month project — and it was a perfect fit for the services I was offering. I was ecstatic. Everything felt great. The client saw value in my services and I wanted to work with them.

As a first step, I proposed a small kickoff project — a Roadmapping Session — to review the outcomes they were looking to achieve and test working together. We scheduled the meeting for later that week.